What's happening around you?
1. Capture news with your smart phone
2. Email photos and details to news@nuuzit.com
best of all ... it's FREE!

What is Nuuzit?

Nuuzit is a micro-news online service where anybody with a camera and gps enabled cell phone can share newsworthy events with the world in real time.

Best of all: it is a FREE service! You don't even need an account to use it!!

Did you ever take a picture with your phone of something interesting and wished you could share it with the world to let everybody know? Maybe it is an image of a nasty pothole in the middle of the road, perhaps a celebrity you spotted or maybe it is a hurricane.

Nuuzit enables you to share what you find newsworthy with anybody that is interested and not just your family, friends or followers. Share your images on Nuuzit and anybody will be immediately able to find and view it.

Now that you know a little more about it, if you capture something interesting with your camera phone, why wait?

Nuuzit now!